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In Our Time

In Our Time on The Peasants’ Revolt




Full list of publications

(i) Academic History

Review: Juliet Barker. 1381: The Year of the Peasants’ Revolt. Cambridge, MA: The Belknap Press, 2014,  Journal of British Studies, 54 (4), (October, 2015), 1001-1002.

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The Politics of Magnate Power in England and Wales, 1389-1413  (Oxford Historical Monographs, 2003).

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‘Exploitation and Control: The Royal Administration of Magnate Estates, 1397-1405,’ in  Revolution and Consumption in Late Medieval England, ed. M. A. Hicks (Boydell, Woodbridge, 2001).

(ii) Popular History

¿Cuándo Adán araba y Eva hilaba, dónde estaba el caballero? La revuelta de Wat Tyler,’ Desperta Ferro, La Guerra de los Cien Años (III) Agincourt , no. 49 (Sep. 2018).

The Peasants’ Revolt: England’s Failed Revolution  (Tempus, Stroud, 2004).

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‘1381: a Kingdom on the Edge,’ BBC History Magazine, iii, no. 7  (July, 2002).

‘Wat Tyler: The Afterlife of an English Rebel,’ History Today, 51 (7) (July, 2001).


Melvyn Bragg’s Radical Lives, Now is the Time – John Ball, BBC 1, 2 August 2014

In Our Time, with Melvyn Bragg, BBC Radio Four, 16 November 2006. 

The Worst Century Ever, with Tony Robinson, Spire Films/Channel Four Television, 30 September 2004.

The Seven Ages of Britain, with Bettany Hughes, Wildfire Television/Channel Four Television, 20 December 2003.

Voices of The Powerless, with Melvyn Bragg, BBC Radio 4, 1 August 2002.

Public Lectures

London and the Peasants’ Revolt, Museum of London, 25 February 2006.