Resources for IB History

Paper 3 – Resources on Russia 1855-1924

Illuminated vellum charter conferring the citizenship of Moscow on British Ambassador, Sir George Buchanan, November 1916. Wellington College collections.

(I have endeavoured to correctly quote historians’ words in the resources below. Any errors of transcription are inadvertent. I make no claim to the copyright of the words of those historians I quote, and no infringement of their work is intended. Any quotations are purely intended to illustrate historical interpretations.)

Emancipation: background, key events and consequences

Social Reforms under Alexander II (another slightly old school ppt)

Was Alexander II Tsar Liberator?

Alexander III reassessment

Russia 1855-1894 Progress or Reaction ?

Diplomacy under Alex II and Alex III

Art of Ilya Repin, Russia 1870s-1910s

Nicholas II 1894-1904

1905 revolution – causes and consequences

The Political Parties of Tsarist Russia 1905-1917

What was the significance of Lenin’s Return in April 1917?

Why did the Provisional Government Fail ?

Lenin’s Decision-Making, October 1917

From War Communism to the NEP


Paper 3 – German Unification 1815-1890 

A broad range of resources for 1815-1849; 1849-1871; 1871-1890


Paper 3 – Italian Unification 1815-1871

A broad range of resources for the Risorgimento


Paper 3 – The Americas 

A range of resources principally on: African American Civil Rights, US Foreign Policy and The Great Depession and New Deal in the USA.


Paper 2 – Single Party Rulers. Mao

Quotations from “The Little Red Book”

Timed essay on the rise of Mao

The Rise of Mao, 1927-1949

Mao’s early years in power, 1949-1952

First Five Year Plan

Resources on The Great Leap Forward


Paper 2 – Single Party rulers. Stalin 

Notes on Stalin coming to power

Essay comparing Stalin’s early and late foreign policy

Totalitarianism essay on Stalin


Paper 1 – Prescribed Subject 4: Rights and Protest 

IB Paper 1 technique guidelines

Civil Rights and Apartheid core revision content

Some practice Paper 1s for Rights and Protest