Resources for iGCSE History

The Cold War, 1945-1962

Noting tasks to accompany Cold War Stories from the Big Freeze

These notes accompany each episode of Series 1 of Bridget Kendall’s outstanding BBC Radio 4’s “The Big Freeze.”


China 1911-1994

The Long March 

Sources on Dadu River Crossing, 1935

Long March writing tasks


The Great Leap Forward 

Women’s experiences

The Great Leap Forward intro to paired task on women’s experiences

The Great Leap Forward paired task – source 1

The Great Leap Forward paired task – source 2

Criticisms of Mao

Yang Xianzhen Criticism of Mao during The Great Leap Forward 1958-9


Germany 1918-1945 

The Weimar Republic, 1918-1933

Debate over fairness of 1919 Treaty

PPt on The Ruhr Crisis, 1923-4

summary of main international agreements 1922-1935


Quizlet revision flashcards for 1918-1919, 1919-1923 and 1924-1932

Germany Q.1 on 1918-1923

Germany Q.1 1923-1928

Weimar Culture

Art in Weimar Germany task


The Rise of the Nazi Party, 1919-1933

How did the Nazis tried to broaden their appeal from the mid 1920s?

1930 Reichstag Elections

Weimar 1930 coalition exercise

Weimar 1930 coalition building exercise grid



Nazi Germany, 1933-1945

The Night of the Long Knives. “Trial” exercise for Ernst Roehm.

Introduction: Ernst Roehm plotter or fall-guy

Sources on Night of the Long Knives

Evaluation task on the sources for the Night of the Long Knives

Night of the Long Knives writing task


The Holocaust

Research task using the data from The Jaeger Report (a Nazi summary of the genocide of the Jews of Lithuania, July-November 1941). This resource includes reflections on the complexities and ethics of using perpetrator-generated evidence in teaching and learning.


The 20 July 1944 Coup Attempt

20 July 1944 resource

20 July 1944 writing task